How To Grow Your Microgreens


Opening your Gift-a-Green Planter Pouch

Opening Giftagreen Pouch

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Using Scissors, carefully cut along the dotted line

Remove Microgreen Seed Pouch

number 3

Remove Microgreen Seed Pouch

Cut Along Dotted Line

number 4

After removing seed pouch, cut along second dotted line.
Note: Some pouches only have one dotted line in middle of pouch 

Greeting Cards

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Add 1/3 cup of water to the soil in the pouch and stir to absorb water and aerate soil.

Microgreen Seeds

number 6

Add the microgreen seeds to the soil and gently stir just below the surface.

stir dirt

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Next place your pouch in a bright sunny area, mist & water occasionally and within 2 weeks you'll have fresh organic homegrown microgreens. 

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Nutritional Info: 

Very high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as a high source of protein.